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ITALYWOW comes into the world of Travel in an innovative and extremely practical way. It is an application that guides and recommends what to do, what to see, what to buy, where to sleep, how to have fun, always according to your tastes and expectations. Once you have downloaded the App on your device and logged in through one of the social profiles available, the ITALYWOW algorithms will “learn” what you like or dislike.
If you are wine lovers, or sportsmen with a passion for climbing, or fashion victims in search of the latest trend, or lovers of psycho-physical well-being, or you are thinking of getting married in an exclusive location, ITALYWOW will understand that and will be able to propose always the most original and most suitable experience for you. ITALYWOW will also reserve discount coupons, personalized offers and real gifts “with dedication” for its users, to be received comfortably at home.

The Team

A team of professional experts coming from the travel, retail, luxury and design sectors are present on the board of the first app designed to help you discover Italy through real travel experiences.

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